Friday, November 18, 2011

Proud Army Wife

November is Military Appreciation Month. I have been an Army wife for over 9 years and was an Army girlfriend for three years before that. It is a life that I have chosen, because I love my husband and this is the life he chose for himself. I knew what I was getting myself into when I met him, although we met before 9/11 and a lot has changed since I met that cute redhead at a party in Hawaii.

The military is a lifestyle, and it is one I wouldn't give back for anything. For all of the hard times there are always the good. I have moved places I never imagined I would moved to, such as Monterey, California and Washington D.C.. I have made friends who have touched my life in such a way that I am forever grateful. I have had tears and laughs with so many of those who share this lifestyle. I have had to let my guard down and be able to put myself out there to build new friendships because I have had to leave friends behind at our last "home." I have been blessed to be reunited with those friends at new "homes" and to feel like we were never apart. My military friends understand a part of me that my friends from home can't. They know I am going to have days that I just want to scream. Days when I want to know what time my husband is coming home. Days when I just want to know where I will be living in a years time.

We all have our days that we just can't take anymore, but those days give us strength. Strength is what makes military spouses so special. We have learned that we really can do anything. We can be a wife, a mother and fill in all of the gaps a father usually would. We can be a single parent when it is called for. We have learned how to accomplish everything in a household and then to go back to only having to do some of it when our lives are turned upside down with the comings and goings of a deployment. We are unnoticed and are okay with that, because we know that we are what holds the foundation of our family together when we have no other choice, but to kiss our loved one goodbye and just hope and pray that they come back to us. We have had babies by ourselves, spent holidays without our spouses, and know the car maintenance schedule better then our husbands. All of these things make us better and stronger. It gives us a perspective that most cannot understand. Under our strong exteriors we are all afraid that at some point we are going to get that knock on the door. We have had days that we jump at the sound of the doorbell and pray that it is only the UPS man, because we haven't heard from our spouse in days and our minds our filled with the worst. We have cried when we wash a piece of our spouses clothing on accident and did not realize it. We have also refused to wash just that one thing that might still have his smell on it, so that at some point you can hold it close to you and feel that much closer to the one you love.
It always amazes me that these things seem to be shared by so many. For all of our differences we have in common the military. This will be with us through the rest of our life. I am proud to be a military wife and sometimes worry how I will transition to the civilian world someday. This is what I know. It is who I am and how I live my life. I don't want pity. I chose this life and am proud of it. It warms my heart when I see people thank our soldiers, but I always try to go one step further and thank the family, because they are sacrificing too.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I know it has been awhile. Okay, not just awhile, but a LONG time! I give up. I am not a very good blogger. It is really hard to keep up with this thing. I know I could do better than every five months though. A lot has happened in the Copeland household in the past few months, so here is the update.

John is now a big seven year old first grader!! Kindergarten has ended and first grade is upon us. He is LOVING it so far and I really like his teacher. He is a Tiger Scout and after a bumpy start with his pack he is now enjoying scouting, even if I am not. It is A LOT of work and unfortunately it is a lot of work for me. The tooth fairy will be making her first visit to John soon. He is very close to losing a tooth. It is just hanging there, and frankly it is giving me the chills just thinking about that gross feeling of slimy gum after a tooth falls out......ewwww.......BUT he is very excited. Three more behind that tooth and he may have no front teeth in a couple of months.

Mary Cate is three going on fifteen. She has become quite the little diva. She is now potty trained, thank god! She is talking in full sentences and will tell it to you like it is a few times over. She is VERY opinionated about her clothing or lack there of lately. She is going through a nudist phase. She strips down to her panties as soon as she walks in the house. Hopefully it is a habit she will grow out of before college! Most importantly she is very sweet and loving and we love her very much, even through the temper tantrums.

Summer came and went quickly this year. We went to Hilton Head with my family and then kids and I went to my parents for a week. I almost needed a vacation from my vacation when it was all said and done. It was wonderful though. Hilton Head was great and it was great to be home in Georgia for a week. I got to catch up with some high school friends who I really wish I could see more of (one downfall of the military and moving so much), and meet some new babies. Family moved from DC this summer too. On both sides we said farewell to my sister and Doug's brother. It was so wonderful to have a year with all of them close by, and it was hard to say goodbye. Luckily we have such a wonderful group of friends here in Virginia, that it has made being away from family easier. We are very blessed!

Fall is already upon us and we are as busy as ever. Always one to throw a party I seem to be planning many and then wonder what I have gotten myself into when they are happening, but we always have a great time in the end. We are not traveling this fall, or at least the kids and I aren't. Doug's schedule has had him gone A LOT lately, but that seems to work with my nightly TV addiction. I do like to watch my shows in quiet:) Hopefully I can update more often, but that remains to be seen!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ummm....yeah....Just not feeling it....

Umm...When was my last post? I don't even remember, it has been so long. I just haven't been feeling it lately. Today is a new day and for some reason I just feel like typing will make me feel better.
I am in a funk today. It has been gloomy and rainy for two days straight and I think it has just gotten to me. Heck, I even had a good cry this morning and I am not even sure what I was crying about. It did make me feel better after I was done, but Mary Cate wasn't feeling Mommy crying. She started sobbing and we ended up snuggling on the couch for awhile. What is it about a good cry? I was just walking down the stairs this morning with a new pair of big girl panties for Mary Cate and I just started sobbing. I was in a fairly ill tempered mood before that, which my poor husband took the brunt of before he left for work. Poor guy, he left by telling me that when I am bitchy in the morning it ruins the rest of his day. The comment kind of pissed me off, but in the end I just felt guilty. So there I ended up sitting on the toilet (with the lid down, using it as a seat) watching my two year old sit on the potty sobbing for no apparent reason. Yes, that was the start of my day. Puffy eyes and all it did feel good to get whatever it really was off of my chest (still trying to figure that one out, but I would guess some kind of hormones would be involved and NO I am NOT pregnant)!
I guess I should recap a little of my life over the past couple of months. Nothing too exciting, but just the same...

The terrible twos are in full swing in this house. John never went through this stage, so this is something new. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Mary Cate is adorable, but man is she stubborn and opinionated. She gets that from both sides. There are many days it is a good thing she is so adorable, because she would be hard to take if she wasn't. At any given moment there is some kind of tantrum going on in this house. Whether it be about wanting a certain Mouse or Hispanic brunette on the TV, or wanting some kind of chocolate concoction out of the pantry (she is my child after all) she is has the tantrum down pat. Three can not get here quick enough!

We have signed John up for two different activities, Cub Scouts and Tee Ball. Both are proving to be much more of a commitment then originally thought. Lets start with Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts starts in first grade, but you can sign the kid up in the spring before so they can attend summer camps. Sounded great to me! So at the spring orientation I go up to the summer camp table and tell the lady that he would be a tiger scout and I wanted to sign him up for a day camp. She immediately told me that I would have to attend with him each day. Seriously?? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of sending your kid to summer camp? I want him to go to summer camp so I can have a break! I don't want to go to tiger scout camp!!! Heck, I didn't even enjoy Girl Scouts! In the end we signed him up for a one day Saturday camp that my husband will be attending with him. My poor husband has also been persuaded to become the den leader. He tried to say no, but the cub scout master would not take no for an answer and in the end he was a higher rank then my husband and I am pretty sure that Doug felt like he could not say no. Now I am worried that with Doug being gone so much I am going to get roped into doing the majority of the stuff. NOT FUN!!! I told Doug that I am not going to wear the uniform and that I don't camp. That is where I draw the line!
Tee Ball started last week and has now turned into a four day a week commitment. Two practices and two games a week. It is Tee Ball people! They are trying to kill me! At least this is cute to watch and I do like the coach, but have to admit that the other mother's on the team leave a lot to be desired and are not that approachable. Oh well, it is only until the second week of June! I may lose my mind between now and then.

On a happier note, I did get yelled at by a crazy lady at the bus stop! Short version of the story is that our kids are in the same class and they don't mix well. I was getting notes that John became friends with a kid who didn't make the right choices and that kid was her kid. At age 6 I feel like I can still tell my kid who can be friends with, so I did and she yelled at me, saying that I called her kid a bad kid. Wrong, I said he didn't make the right choices. She also said that I was a young and naive mother. Yes, thank you for the compliment you old hag!

On a truly happy note the government shutdown didn't happen so we are getting paid on Friday!! Congress is on my list right now! I am not even going to get started on this topic. It just makes me angry!

I painted my dining room/play room. I love it! It is a light green and looks SO much better!

We are tackling potty training. Not very successfully, but trying. This is one of my least favorite things to do.

Doug has been home more lately. By home, I mean sleeping in our house. If he isn't traveling for work they are working him until 8 pm or so at night. He gets home just about the time I am ready to sit down and watch one of my shows. The sacrifices we make...

Doug's truck got hit at the O'Club's parking lot last week. They did over $1000 in damage and left without a word. Thank goodness for good insurance and an uninsured motorist clause that lowered our deductible to $200. Still annoying!

Doug is leaving to go hunting on my birthday this year. I have been told I am not allowed to complain since I gave my permission (I didn't really know I had a choice in the matter), because it will ruin the experience. This will be year three that he has missed my birthday. Maybe he might send me a cake this year. We will see...

I just realized I started the last three things with Doug.

I have gained 10 pounds since December. IT SUCKS!!! Jogging stroller came out of storage on Sunday and as soon as it stops raining it is on.

Speaking of Jogging Strollers, Doug asked me if I wanted to run the Army 10 Miler with him. Umm....NO! I can't even run a mile let alone 10 and I don't think that running 10 miles sounds like fun.

Things that have not helped my weight....COSTCO!!! They had this amazing tuxedo mouse cake last weekend. It was by far one of the best things I have ever eaten!

The fish are still alive....(Sorry I looked to the right and noticed them) This isn't for anything I have done for them. I don't think I have cleaned the tank in the past two months.

NEVER EVER go to the Smithsonian during spring break the day before a possible government shutdown. IT WAS HELL!!!!! I wanted to kill some teenagers.

We moved Mary Cate out of the crib and have gotten rid of the binkys. It seems so weird she is getting so big and is talking in full sentences. She is hilarious. My new favorite is when she brings me a pull up and tells me to, "Change my butt."

Okay, I think that is it. Maybe I will be better at this. Maybe someone actually reads this, but I am not sure of that one. It did pick me up a little today though and for that I am thankful.

Oh yeah, I am not proofreading this either, so oh well...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some people have a tornado. I have a HURRICANE!!

I am tired. Just plain tired this week. I have been trying to keep a house that resembles clean, but unfortunately each time I do something I have this little helper behind me that undoes EVERYTHING! My dear sweet husband would just tell me that she is just helping, but I am tired of being helped. I want a day or maybe two that I can clean and organize my house and it STAYS that way for more than 5 minutes. It is just discouraging to clean a room, start on another and then when I turn around the room I just cleaned is littered with toys or various other things my sweet little "Biscuit" has dragged out.
Today I am trying to get some laundry done, so that I am not drowning in it on Monday (you should have seen my pile this past Monday). I folded an entire load of laundry, placed it in the laundry basket to take upstairs, went into the kitchen to get a water and when I came back ALL of the clothes were back on the floor and there was sweet little "Biscuit" in the laundry basket. It is a good thing she is cute!
I just finished picking up various play kitchen items off of the family room floor and took them back into the playroom. I am sure once she wakes up the same toys, plus a few additions will be back on the floor in the family room. Hopefully I will be able to run a quick vacuum over the carpet before this happens. Speaking of vacuums and carpets have I mentioned her love of dumping various food items off of one plate and into some other vessel (not always a plate or a bowl). I have to vacuum EVERY day lately or else I stepping on pieces of cheerios, cookies, chips, and today's addition turkey lunch meat (I got that up very quickly). She is either going to be a chef or a chemist. She has a love of transferring food or other objects from one thing to another.
I have decided that it is a good thing that I am not OCD about a clean house. If I was I would NEVER get any rest with my sweet little "Biscuit", although I am just going to start calling her Hurricane "Biscuit" (speaking of biscuits, I found those on the floor yesterday).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Where did last year go? I cannot believe it is already 2011! December flew by so fast and I don't expect January to slow down either. There are so many things I want to do this year and maybe if I am lucky a couple of them will get accomplished. So here is my list...

1. I want to finally lost the weight. Yeah, I know this is nothing new from me and I did lose some weight last year, but this year I want to get off what I gained last month (we won't even go there) and get off the remaining 20 pounds or so that I have left. I am going to try to get off of my lazy ass and actually exercise. It is so easy to say this and much harder to actually get up and do it. I had a dream the other night that I was running and in the end I could run more then five miles. This would be great except for the fact that I HATE running!!!! In theory I would love to be a runner, but the reality is that I just don't get the "runners high" that runners talk about. I just get tired, sweaty and BORED!!! I will start slow with the Wii Fit and go from there. Maybe if I try for 2 pounds a month I can actually do this. Now of course this is something that I say EVERY year, but you never know, maybe this year it will catch on.

2. I want to be organized. I love a clean house as much as the next person, but I have trouble keeping one on a daily basis. It is just exhausting to constantly pick up after a two year old and my two year old seems to be more of a tornado then most. I am going to start off simple. I am going to make the beds everyday. If you know me well, you know that I am not a bed maker. In fact I have never seen the point in the practice. You are just going to mess it up again later on that night, but I have to admit that a made bed does make the room seem neater. I have made the beds each day so far this year (yes, I know it is only day 4).

3. I am going to cook more and eat out less. I am a sucker for food. Okay, that is putting it mildly. I LOVE FOOD and I LOVE TO EAT OUT!!! I love to cook too, but I love to let others do the dirty work. I want to expand my cooking repertoire this year. I feel like I cook the same things over and over again. I am going to go through my massive stack of cookbooks and photocopy the recipes that I want to try and put them in a binder so that they are handy. Maybe this way I will take the initiative and try them out. My husband will be so happy to eat something other then spaghetti (I do make a mean spaghetti though).

4. I want to get my house exactly how I want it or at least until I tire of it. I want to paint my great room and the kid's rooms. I am tired of white walls. I am so hopeful that we will be in this house for awhile that I am ready to make it my own. I haven't done this since we were at Fort Benning and then we ended up moving a year after we painted the ENTIRE house. Thankfully then we didn't have to repaint. We just paid a flat fee and they let us move without bothering. I would love to paint my family room, but it has two story ceilings and when I mentioned it to my husband he looked at me like I had lost my mind. I tend to agree with him, but it would look so much better with a color on the wall.

5. Potty train the two year old!!! I am getting tired of diapers, but now quite tired enough to make me really work on potty training. My goal is to have her out of diapers before September. I figure I will hit it hard this summer. It should be interesting. She is VERY strong willed and I am sure we will have battles. Hopefully she will want to be a big girl and wear the princess panties.

6. To add onto number 5... GET RID OF THE BINKY!!!! I am ready to get rid of the binky, but I am not sure that everyone else in the house is so ready. Every time that I have a no binky day either my son or husband seem to feel the need to stick one in her mouth if she asks. If "Biscuit" (my husbands pet name for our daughter) wants it she gets it. I think that this will backfire later in life for him, but I just sit back sometimes and laugh. She truly does have him wrapped around her little finger. We will see how much of a "Biscuit" she is when she is 16.

7. Read more! I have started this, with the addition of my Kindle (which I am pretty sure I could not live without anymore). I have always loved to read, but it is hard to look for good books in a store with kids in tow. I love having the ability to instantly download books and when I am done with one I can easily get another (this is especially nice for sequels). I have already finished two books since the 1st, so that is a good start.

I think that 2011 will be a wonderful year. It is already better then last year since we are starting out the year in Virginia instead of El Paso. It is so nice to know that this year will be filled with family and friends and that alone will make it a wonderful year!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am a kid at heart and I LOVE snow!!! So when I woke up this morning and knew there was a chance of snow today I was so excited! This being said I went along with what the weatherman said and got my errands out of the way since he said the snow would not start until 11 am. So after the bus came this morning off I went to Khols to get nylons (gag...I hate wearing them, but we have a formal tomorrow night). When I went into the store the sky was cloudy, but no white stuff, thirty minutes later I am leaving and the roads were white! Now I am a southern girl. I am not used to snow and when it does happen I am at home and don't have to worry about driving in the stuff. Not to mention that usually when it snows it takes awhile for it to stick to the roads. Oh no, not today. I am so thankful that I made it home in one piece. I did fishtail a few times and had a scary turn, but in the end I made it and my car is still in one piece (good thing, because I did not really want a new car for Christmas). Now that I am home and warm in front of the fire I will enjoy all of the snow falling from the sky. I have the fireplace on and am thinking that some hot cocoa is in my future. The only thing I am not looking forward to is getting John at the bus stop. School is being let out two hours early today due to the snow. Unfortunately I still have to walk up the bus stop. Normally I would drive up in the cold, but I am not getting back in my car today. So I will put on the snow boots in a few hours and get Mary all dolled up in her snow suit (boy am I glad I went ahead an bought that thing) and together we will walk (probably very slowly) in the snow. I think I may even bring John's boots along so he is ready.

So the rest of the day I will enjoy the beautiful snow. I know people hate snow, but I still love it and I still feel like a kid when it happens.

Friday, October 22, 2010


That screaming you hear is coming from my house. Don't worry no one is hurt or in trouble, it is just my daughter throwing a fit because life is not going her way. This has been my life lately. Last night it was because she wanted to eat dinner on the floor in front of the TV and mommy said no (this was the best tantrum so far). Today it was because I walked upstairs without her (yep, that is all it took). In the grocery store it was because she wanted the cart with the steering wheel. Seeing a trend. She is even beginning to perfect her fits! They have gone from a fussing fit to a downright on the floor screaming (and I mean blood curdling) while throwing whatever she has in her hands. Someday I will videotape her so that I can share it with her someday when she has her own sweet little two year old.
My poor husband is coming home today and will be greeted by not only a two year old who is giving the phrase "Terrible Twos" a whole new meaning, but a wife who is DONE!! This whole single parent thing is for the birds and heck, I am married! Yes, I know that when I married a guy in the Army I knew he would be gone a lot, but this if getting RIDICULOUS!!! I can't remember the last time my husband was home for more then 2 weeks. He keeps on telling me that she can't be that bad and that she is such a biscuit. Well, he is going to be home for a full week and I plan on giving him a taste of his "Biscuit". Mommy has earned a few hours to herself. Actually I have earned more then a few hours, heck I have earned months!
I am hoping this two year stage goes by quickly. I may need happy pills by the end of it. She is cute for sure and it is a good thing. My mother keeps on telling me that she is just like I was at that age. Thanks Mom for wishing that I would have a child just like me someday. I really could have done without that wish, but I have a feeling I will be wishing for the same thing.